About the Sonapur College Incubation Centre

Sonapur College, established in 1991 has been offering higher education in Arts, Commerce and B.Voc disciplines among the students of the locality as well as the pan regional domain, mostly belonging to ST and SC communities of lower income group. The college has been putting in all efforts to strengthen the society by upholding the ethos of intellectual growth and value orientated education, throughout its glorious existence in the past in about three decades. Besides, it is also offering an adequate platform for the pursuit of skill enhancement and entrepreneurial development which attained a significant thrust after the introduction of UGC sponsored Bachelor of Vocational Programme in 2015.

Accordingly, in order to augment the cherished vision and mission of the college, the ‘Sonapur College Incubation Centre’ was formally launched on 26th June, 2020 by signing a MoU between Sonapur College and Assam Startup, Government of Assam, in association with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP).

The Center aims at encouraging and facilitating innovative and creative ideas for promoting entrepreneurial temperament among the youths. The center will assist by means of training and mentoring the aspiring entrepreneurs transform their propositions to viable business entities in association with Assam Startup, Government of Assam and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) and other assigned collaborators.


To augment the business environment inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship by facilitating every opportunity right from generation of ideas to launching of startups and thereby help to accelerate their growth and success.


Sonapur College Incubation Centre is dedicated to create an ecosystem wherein the innovative set of skills or ideas of the students in particular and the youth of the locality in general, is effectively nurtured and convert such ideas into a product for commercial sustenance by infusing and harnessing entrepreneurial spirit as well as enhancing competencies in order to make them self-reliant and thereby ensuring a sustainable society at large.


  • To create an ecosystem wherein the innovative ideas of the students and potential entrepreneurs get adequately nurtured and put forward for further burgeoning.
  • Creation of awareness among the students and youths regarding entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • To inculcate solution driven mindset among the young generation that attributes the innovative ideas.
  • Provide guidance and mentoring support to first time entrepreneurs during gestation in a collaborative manner.
  • To provide guidance to convert the innovative ideas to products, and finally to help the students and potential entrepreneurs to build a start up to take the product to market.
  • Explore and forge collaborative partnership with mutually beneficial industry, institute or organization deemed fit to go with in pursuance with the desired goals.